Eny Consulting

Our Vision

Our vision to be the most trusted supply chain strategist in the Middle East and Africa


ENY Consulting is a cutting-edge end-to-end supply chain consulting firm that was founded in 2019. The company is dedicated to providing a full range of top-quality supply chain services to businesses from diverse industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, and medical.

What sets ENY Consulting apart is its commitment to leveraging its boutique innovative solution to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness for its clients. The company’s team of experienced consultants has a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses face in managing complex supply chains, and they work closely with clients to develop customized solutions that meet their unique needs.

In addition to its supply chain consulting services, ENY Consulting offers innovative technology solutions that support businesses throughout the region. The company’s proprietary supply chain software is designed to streamline processes, optimize productivity and inventory management, and improve visibility across the entire supply chain. ENY Consulting’s technology offerings help businesses of all sizes and across all industries stay ahead of the competition and drive growth.

ENY Consulting’s approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on building long-term partnerships with clients. The company’s team of consultants is passionate about delivering tangible results, and they work tirelessly to help clients achieve their business goals.

Since its founding, ENY Consulting has quickly built client trust from large multinational and local corporations. With a continued focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence, ENY Consulting is poised to continue its growth and success in the years ahead


Our Mission

Our mission is to WOW our customers by ensuring a lasting confidence and satisfaction. Through transferring our knowledge, we can show our customers that their supply chain is more extended and integrated than they can imagine as well as increasing savings and margins through supply chain.

Our Values


We are supply chain naturals. Our passion in supply chain motivates us to thrive in delivering quality services and solving any challenges in different countries and industries. We simply love what we do.


In the last 25 years, ENY experts have implemented simple to complex supply chain systems around the world. We are bold in creating solutions to different supply chain challenges and situations.


ENY cares about what your company is striving for and we take ownership in supporting your teams in achieving your objectives. We take pride in caring.



Through intensive study in supply chain management and being awarded Masters and PhD, we have acquired rich knowledge in the field.

This helped us in building a successful track record working with multinational and local companies globally.


With over 50years gained as employees with the urge to serve more, the journey for entrepreneurship emerged in 2019 when ENY Consulting Morocco was established.

Kicking off with a big projects in the automotive.


With the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and logistical catastrophe that came with it. This made it even more clear the need for more supply chain support in the region. This led to the expansion and establishment of ENY Consulting Dubai sooner than anticipated but with the certainty that it was the right time to expand.


The trust we gained from over 10 customers and strategic partners is the pillar to the growth and development of ENY Consulting.

The journey continues …