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Supply Chain Health Check

One of the important approaches is the supply chain health check also known as supply chain audit.

In just few days of the health check, depending on your company size, ENY experts will analyse not just your supply chain but anything linked to your supply chain. Eny consultants will then provide your companywith a detailed road map on where to improve. The number of days will be defined after the first screening meeting.

Consulting & Implementing

The consultation and implementation usually come after the Health Check is done. Resources your company will need in terms of systems, talent, physical layouts, flows, processes and much more at all levels required will be identified and highlighted.

We encourage our customers to implement the most economical supply chain to protect our planet and environment. Eny consultants will be able to recommend very precisely what kind of system and processes you should implement even if it comes to pen and paper.

Our ENY expert will execute the implementation with total transparency with your project team. Handover is the closing part of the implementation and we can continue to support your team on demand. Our objective is to implement the right supply chain design to your organization.

Recruitment & Training

This approach mostly comes during the implementation stage. The results acquired from working with your teams as well as auditing, diagnosing and analysing your organization, will enable us identify gaps that could be filled by recruiting right employees, coaching existing employees, and provide training to existing and new team members to close all knowledge gaps and achieve desired organizational objectives.